Kowloon Toastmasters Club


My girlfriend introduced toastmasters to me about 5 years ago. It is a place where a number of people support, encourage, and promote each other to become an influential speaker and outstanding leader. The club I'm currently a member of Kowloon Toastmasters Club, left me a great impression during my first visit in terms of its welcoming atmosphere, warm-hearted members, and experienced speakers with superb speech delivery skills.


Feb 2019

I used to be a Toastmaster in Shenzhen, and I moved back to HK 8 months ago. Therefore I wanted to join a Toastmasters Club in Hong Kong. I searched through the internet and found Kowloon Toastmasters Club.

I knew I was gonna join this club after my first meeting there. The atmosphere was so friendly and everybody's been so supportive. I knew Kowloon was my club. Although it's the first club I visited in HK, I paid the money directly and I never regret about it.


Feb 2019

I joined Kowloon Toaster Club in 2016. My friend introduced toastmaster and tried to get me to join. I attended a meeting as a guest and opened my mind by table topics and prepare speech speakers. I have never thought about standing on stage giving an English speech. After I joined, I was following the program of toastmaster from talking about me to inspiring speech. I can see my improvement in public speech by other members’ feedback and recommended. They were very helpful and I’m getting more confident in public speaking.

KTM is a relaxing, no pressure at all. We grow, laugh and learn together!

Elsie Ng

Feb 2019

I joined my KTM family because I am transforming myself to be a Career Coach. I found the new Pathways has a Coaching Model, its design looks fantastic to me so that I am happy to join KTM and be VPPR for 2018/19. I organized our wonderful Joint Xmas party in Dec 2018. My goal is to promote KTM and invite new members in 2019.

Natalie Wong

Feb 2019

Molly Yip join Toastmasters in 2005 to improve her overall presentation skills, so that she can be more presentable in front of the clients. She had encountered numerous occasions when the presentation skills give her a clear advantage in the career development. She finds Toastmasters trim the leadership charisma tremendously.

Molly Yip

Feb 2019

I have been a member of Kowloon Toastmasters Club for many years. Yet, I was used to complaining my creeping speed of my DTM journey. But now I realize that the achievement and recognition are of secondary important. In recent years, I focused more on enjoying the process. The process involved participating in contest, helping as officers and facilitators, sharing in regular meetings as well as visiting other clubs. From time to time I have been encouraged by friends in toastmasters community. In return I am willing to share my experience to guests and new members. I truly believe that the best is yet to come in my toastmasters journey. How about you?

Brian Cheung

Aug 2016

My Toastmasters Journey is short but fun. This place has given me an excellent platform in different formats and settings to excel. A lot of opportunities are provided in Toastmasters and it is up to members to seize them or not. And being a proactive learner, I have witnessed my growth in difference aspects. I am proud to have made such a wise decision to join Kowloon Toastmasters Club (KTM). KTM is able to provide a relaxing, warm and supportive environment for new and experienced members to grow and learn. I am so happy to be a part of the big family to help build the culture. What's better than enjoying an educational and fulfilling evening after a day of work? In KTM, you can simply laugh and learn at the same time. Proud to be a member!

Susanna Wong

Jul 2016

I joined Kowloon Toastmasters Club (KTM) in September 2015. My first encounter with Toastmasters was when I was at University. I attended a meeting as a guest and was amazed by the quality of the speakers. They all spoke with grace and confidence. Somewhere deep inside me, I already knew that public speaking is an ability that I want to pursue. The university club meetings were held in the evening in a lecture hall. However after a long day of classes, I didn’t want to stay in the campus anymore. So unfortunately, the idea of joiningToastmaster faded from my mind.

Years later when I returned to Hong Kong, the thought of Toastmasters came back to me again. I chose KTM because the club atmosphere is very warm, exciting and fun. I really enjoy attending the regular meetings, the contests, and other social events. I also treasure deeply the opportunity to learn to communicate with people and to complete tasks with team members effectively and in a respectful manner. I am happy to be part of this amazing family.

Jennifer Fang

Jun 2016

Kia Ora. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would become a member of toastmasters. My closest friend in New Zealand was a member of toastmasters and she always tried to get me to join. But the thought of getting up in front of people and presenting a speech - prettified me because I had a speech impediment way back then. Fast forward a few years. After ten years of teaching in Hong Kong, I wanted a change. My new job requires us to present as well as write workshops and as writing is not one of my strengths, there was room for improvement. So one of my goals for this year is to learn how to present workshops that are informative, creative and fun but my initial thoughts were "Where in HK can I learn about how to write and develop good presentation skills? Then I remembered what my friend said about toastmasters. I have been a member of KTM since February 2016. The KTM club atmosphere is warm, friendly and fun. The members are helpful and always give me good positive feedback so I can improve on my impromptu speeches. I have learnt a lot over the past few months about public speaking. On club nights I enjoy taking on different roles such as Ah counter, topic talk and timer. Toastmasters has opened up my world because I am meeting different people from all walks of life and having fun whilst learning how to improve on my speeches. So thank you KTM for giving me the opportunity to gain confidence in public speaking.

'Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order.' Samuel Beckett.

Fiona Perry

May 2016

I joined Kln TMC in 2001, one year after my successful experience in a Putonghua club. In those days, our club met at a 5 stars hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui----Sheraton. Even the guests fees were luxuriously high (around $ 100), but it was always full house. The guests quite often outnumbered the members. I was greatly impressed by the quality of the speakers and of course Talis Wong was always the centre of attraction, I was lucky to have him as my mentor. The club was forced to leave Sheraton because of the expensive rent , and we moved to YMCA at Waterloo Road, there we suffered from the blow of the SARS epidemics at the same time, our club declined quickly until we chose the Scout Centre and used their best room. Of course the speech craft we organized helped us recruit quite a number of good members. Kowloon gradually recovered steadily because of the efforts of the club presidents and the ExCom. As time grows, it looks like more and more like a family , the old members are close and full of support and we the new members are able to adapt to our homely and friendly environment quickly. We are a club of quality, unity and unlimited energy. We all grow at the same time with the club, it’s one of the best places to learn, to get fun and support. I am so proud to be one of the kowloonders.

Berthold Chung

Apr 2016

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In 2005, a newspaper article caught my attention – an introvert engineer becomes champion speaker. The story inspired me and I joined Toastmaster. I had no idea where this first step would take me to and never thought Toastmaster would become one of my favorite hobbies. Toastmaster is a journey of discovery. I have been fascinated by those charismatic speakers, motivated by those serious speakers and humbled by those passionate leaders. These wonderful people have inspired, encouraged and educated me to becoming a better speaker and listener. They put me on their shoulders so that I can see a bigger world and achieve a higher goal. I do not know where Toastmaster will take me to in the next ten years. One thing for sure is I will continue with this journey as there are still plenty of opportunities for me yet to be discovered.

PC Chan

Mar 2016

The decision I made in mid-2013 surprised many people including myself. I joined KTM after attending the club meeting only once. Yes only once! The speech contest that evening was so fantastic that I wanted to be a member immediately in a hope I could become as excellent as the contestants one day. When looking back I know I have made a very good decision, not only because of the opportunities available to me in sharpening my public speaking skills but also the great experience that I have had with the team members. In the past 2.5 years, I delivered 8 prepared speeches and took different roles in the club meetings. Every time the evaluators and team members were so generous in providing their feedback, and this has helped me understand my weak areas and also ways to improve them. I am really grateful. What I did not expect is the bonus that I have got which is even more valuable than the sharpened skills. In KTM, the members are all amazing; eager to learn, to share and to support one another. This is just too impressive and enriches my world of knowledge. So I always leave the meeting with a delighted heart.


Feb 2016

Time flies. I have joined Kowloon Toastmasters Club for over 10 years. I remember when I first visited the club, a speech contest was being held. Surprisingly, I found that all contestants were very outstanding. All of them were charming and confident; each had their own unique style. At that moment, I knew I found the right place to brush up my speaking skills and so I joined Kowloon Toastmasters Club without any hesitation. When I looked back my journey in Kowloon Toastmasters Club, it was really interesting and challenging. I am the Vice President Public Relations this year but also took up the posts of Vice President of Education, Secretary, and Sergeant At Arms before. Moreover, I tried other roles like a club contest chair and an organizing committee member of Convention in Hong Kong. Indeed, all the experiences have provided me great opportunities to improve my leadership and communication skills. Kowloon Toastmasters Club is like a big family. All members are like my sisters and brothers, friendly and helpful. If you asked me what I valued most here in the club, it is definitely the friendship built in the past10 years. We have had so much fun together. All the moments were really memorable. Life is actually a long term learning process. I am really grateful that I could be a member of Kowloon Toastmasters Club, learning from one other and grow together.

Bruce Chan

Jan 2016

I have never thought of joining a Toastmasters club or standing on stage giving an English speech after secondary school. But I did it at the end of December 2015, marking a good ending of the year. I am a very talkative person and love to share my own experiences with others. Since young, I joined many speaking contests but most of them were in Chinese because English was my weakest area and I was not confident enough to speak English. After meeting Miss Susanna Wong, the president of Kowloon Toastmasters Club, I was encouraged to join the club to sharpen my public speaking skills. With her support, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone to overcome my fear. The most effective way to overcome our fear is to face it! So this is the reason why I am here. Kowloon Toastmasters Club provides an excellent platform and relaxing atmosphere for me to speak and shine!

Eunice Chan

Dec 2015

10 years ago, I joined Kowloon Toastmasters Club (KTM) with a simple aim - to practise and improve my English. In the past 10 years, I have learned much more than I expected, from English proficiency and public speaking skills to building up confidence and becoming a leader. However, they are not the main reasons that keep me staying with the club for a decade. The very thing that I treasure most is the friendship here. People I met in KTM are all amazing; they encourage me, they give me positive feedback, they organize fantastic events, they are good role models, and much more. They are simply wonderful! The club is a best place for life-long learning. Together, we grow and learn. Joining KTM is surely one of the wisest choices I made in my life.

Nanna Man

Nov 2015

Although I heard of Toastmasters many years ago, I believed that it was not my thing. Earlier this year, I was invited to a Toastmasters Club meeting in Central and surprisingly I really loved it. I also started to realize how I could improve my public speaking skills by becoming a member of Toastmasters. After visiting a few clubs, I finally decided to join Kowloon Toastmasters Club (KTM) in April 2015. I like KTM because the members are friendly, helpful and fun-loving. There is always a lot of laughter at each meeting. The club is well organized and many resources are available to help rookies like me. The leadership team is also very committed. I am always amazed at how efficient each meeting is organized and run. I have just finished CC project 2 and have learned a number of things. The feedback from the members and evaluators was very helpful. I would not have noticed some of the subtle “mistakes” I made in the speeches if they had not been pointed out. I sincerely appreciate those who gave me the feedback. As I embark on my Toastmasters journey at KTM, I know I'm going to enjoy the many different projects and activities.

Stephen Kao

Oct 2015

September was a fruitful month. A series of activities such as KTM 15th anniversary, area contest, and workshop. I was very lucky to be involved in these activities. In Toastmasters, every role has a mission to achieve and it's important that we do it well. It's particularly challenging to be an MC because I had to keep the happy and lively atmosphere in the event by speaking continuously and humorously. This was a wonderful experience to enhance my impromptu speaking skills. Moreover, being an organizer of the club contest also provided me a good chance to strengthen my interpersonal and organisational skills. All these activities provided me many opportunities to develop skills that are beneficial to my daily life. When I reviewed what I have done in September, it is hard to believe that I have accomplished all these in a short period of time. I am happy that toastmasters has provided me such a platform to shine and I am sure we will have even more fruitful months ahead.

Eric Suen

Sep 2015

Recommended by one of my sisters at church who speaks fluent English, I visited Kowloon Toastmasters Club in June. After several visits, I decided to join as it provides a platform for me to drill my spoken English in a practical way. I was assigned a mentor to complete my project 1. She gave me constructive comments and encouragement. The Poetic Speech Writing Workshop delivered by Susanna Wong and Judy Tam was so great that it taught me how to write poetic speech with different skills. I also had the chance to serve as MC in the Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contest. In the beginning, I was nervous about it but the experience was precious. With the guidance from the Executive Committee Members, I was able to take up the challenge and perform brilliantly. Also, I found that my spoken English is improving through the participation in different activities in KTM. I am very happy to join this big family to improve my communication skills.

Venus HUI

Aug 2015

My friend once took me to a Toastmasters meeting in Munich, Germany. At that time, I felt a little bit uncomfortable because all the people there were speaking English and there was always the fear of getting picked in the Table Topics section. Two years later, I came to Hong Kong for a six-month internship and I recalled my Toastmasters experience. With more confidence in speaking English I joined Kowloon Toastmasters Club. In the beginning, of course, it was a struggle. But it was worth it. I am very happy to spend my Wednesday nights to challenge myself and getting better in public speaking in the best Toastmasters Club in Hong Kong.

Christopher Burgahn (Germany)

Jul 2015