Kowloon Toastmasters Club

Overcome the fear of public speaking

Learn how to build confidence, channel effective communications and exert leadership.

Welcome to Kowloon Toastmasters Club

We make public speeches in Toastmasters Clubs. From practice, we are training our members on how to build up confidence, to channel effective communications, to perform evaluations, to motivate and encourage people and to exert leadership.

Not only does it benefit your career skills and relation between you and people around, but it also brings you a lot to your whole life. At Toastmasters, we provide a platform, where you voice your ideas and you appreciate others’ at the same time. Above all it is where you live up to your value.

We have meetings on every 2nd Wednesday and 4th Wednesday of each month.

Why hesitate? Come and join us. Guests are welcome too!

Founded in 2000

Members from all walks of life

Regular Meetings every month

What Our Members Say

I knew I was gonna join this club after my first meeting there. The atmosphere was so friendly and everybody's been so supportive. I knew Kowloon was my club. Although it's the first club I visited in HK, I paid the money directly and I never regret about it.


I finally stepped out of my comfort zone to overcome my fear. The most effective way to overcome our fear is to face it! So this is the reason why I am here. Kowloon Toastmasters Club provides an excellent platform and relaxing atmosphere for me to speak and shine!


Speak with success
& succeed with speaking

We have meeting on every 2nd Wednesday and 4th Wednesday of each month.

Why hesitate? Come and join us. Guests are welcome too!

New Pathways Education Scheme

Toastmasters is launching a new education scheme, the Pathways, which is a revitalization of Toastmasters’ learning experience. 

Participants are going to learn and experience more. Please check out the video clips for more information!