Kowloon Toastmasters Club

President's Message

Greetings from President Jacky Chiang!

I am honored to lead Kowloon Toastmasters Club this term. With over a decade of experience in Toastmastering and proudly being a ‘Kowlooner’ since 2020, it has become one of my greatest passions.

At Kowloon Toastmasters Club, we believe Toastmasters is a transformative experience that develops communication and leadership skills, fostering self-confidence and personal growth. Our mission is to provide a supportive and positive learning environment for all members to thrive.

But it’s not all serious business! We value fun and fellowship in our Toastmasters journey. Laughter, camaraderie, and enjoyable activities are vital to our club’s success. Join us in meetings, activities, and embark on a wonderful Toastmastering journey.

In our vibrant club, you’ll find a warm, inclusive community dedicated to personal and professional development. We celebrate diversity and value each member’s unique background, experiences, and perspectives. Together, we create a dynamic space where everyone feels heard, supported, and inspired.

I look forward to welcoming you to our meetings to experience Toastmasters firsthand. Whether you’re a seasoned Toastmaster or just starting out, our club offers the perfect platform to learn, grow, and challenge yourself. We believe in pushing boundaries, embracing growth, and unlocking our full potential.

Thank you for considering Kowloon Toastmasters Club for your personal and professional development. I eagerly await the opportunity to meet you and embark on this incredible Toastmasters adventure together.

Warm regards,

Jacky Chiang
President 2023-24
Kowloon Toastmasters Club