Kowloon Toastmasters Club

President's Message

This year is Kowloon Toastmasters Club’s 20th anniversary. I am so honoured to be President of the club for year 2020-21. When I joined KTM in 2005, I only wanted to improve my spoken English. Gradually, l found Toastmaster program was more than speaking. It was a journey of discovery. New skills were acquired. New experience was gained. New possibilities were unfolded.

Toastmaster program is relevant to me now as same as in the first day I joined. I am still learning from excellent speakers in the Toastmaster community. I am also inspired by the Toastmaster leaders who are serving the clubs passionately and selflessly. I am truly touched by the friendship with members built over the years. I have to say Toastmaster program has enriched and made my life more colourful.

If you are a Toastmaster, I am glad you are on the journey to new experience and new possibilities both in your work and personal life. If you have not been a Toastmaster yet, I sincerely invite you to our meeting to find out more. I was benefited from the Toastmaster program and I am sure you will.

Look forward to seeing you in our meetings.

PC Chan
Kowloon Toastmasters Club