speak with success & succeed with speaking speak with success & succeed with speaking speak with success & succeed with speaking

President's Message

:All the greatest speakers were bad speakers first. ;

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know, you・ve most probably read this quote before but it・s spot on! It implies a journey, in fact, a two tier journey. Speaking and communicating is vital to leadership.

The journey from bad to better to great, includes realizations, fears, facing the fears, a willingness to open up and learn from observation, evaluation and mentorship. THEN, putting the learning into spoken practice It・s the diligence of practice that progress is truly made. Motivate and constantly take on roles and you・ll not recognize yourself a year from nowK.That・s a Kowloon Toastmasters promise!

My moment of realization came in 2012. Is it similar to your moment? I presented to a room half full of literature enthusiasts and a few experts. Overwhelmed with too much information. I froze, my tongue tied itself into a knot. It was awful. I became more aware of the experts and missed information, unable to backtrack I stood still instead. I forgot to smile! It was THEN I realized there was much to learn when it came to speaking in front of an audience. Choosing the .right・ information and the right .amount・ of information, was only the start of what needed learning.

A cornerstone of the communication journey was to find the right Toastmasters club fit. At Kowloon, the venue has a sense of occasion yet radiates coziness, the experience of the speakers and members, from all professions is evident as soon as you walk in.

We all have our own reasons for finding the right place and people to nurture our own communication identity. Its a very simple formula. The more a speaker speaks, accepts evaluation and takes note, the more present their confidence in communicating.

As President, my leadership journey has begun. Facing fears is fundamental to growth and part of the communication process, hence I have included improvisational activities in our menu this year. Kowloon Toastmasters will provides a platform packed with occasions, contests and our members with mentors to forge forward better and greater.

Suckey Cheung
Kowloon Toastmasters Club

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